"The writers have fashioned the dialogue sometimes brilliantly, sometimes poetically, sometimes surrealistically to infer a form of truth in the dynamic of what happens during the events that are factually Magritte’s known history…Thanks to the irrepressible ingenuity of director Tess Howsam, this extravagant and rather mind-blowing play about Magritte, the production will entertain, delight and mystify you.”

Carole Di Tosti, Blogcritics

"Throughout the play, there are show-stopping lines of exquisite beauty about time, place, death, life, art, self, and the world delivered on an other-worldly island surrounded by water."

Raphael Badagliacca, Front Row Center

"Even your wildest adventures in New York City apartment hunting won’t prepare you for the tour of House 17...The art direction deserves a standing ovation for the ingenious design of the house’s eight rooms...this site-specific play is a skillfully envisioned interactive piece of theatre that invites you into the life, the loves, the art and the home of the iconic surrealist painter."

Regina Mogilevskaya, Brooklyn Based


“Not for an instant does “Happily After Ever,” directed by Sherri Eden Barber for Ricochet Collective, lapse into didacticism…By turns whimsical, campy, hallucinatory and poignant, it nods to scads of classic sitcoms, unfolding in a Technicolor world.”

Laura Collins-Hughes, New York Times

“Playwright Laura Zlatos has crafted an incredibly endearing play, with characters that are absurdly lovable despite of, or possibly because of, how outright bizarre they can be…Laughter, tears, introspection; Happily After Ever is a brilliant piece of comedic theater that has, at its core, a deeply loving and careful heart. Zlatos’ script touches on a huge range of human foibles, striking the right balance of funny and introspective.”

Marti Sichel, Woman Around Town

“An entertaining little gem”

Patrick Christiano, Theater Life

“Laura Zlatos’ script is larger than life, it’s goofy and fun but at the same time addresses buzzy topics in a nonthreatening way that doesn’t feel forced…Her words fill the small stage at 59E59 with an energy that is unmistakable.”

Victoria Teague, New York Theatre Review

“These relatable characters are moved along at just the right pace by playwright Laura Zlatos to keep us enthralled throughout. Important questions about the gender binary are handled with intelligence and thoughtfulness, cleverly presented in a fast-paced, witty, '50s style sitcom scenario… the play itself is entertaining on every level, never becoming bogged down by the politics surrounding its theme.”

Tania Fisher, Stage Buddy

“A piquant and powerful evening of theatre.”

Heather Violanti, Theater Online

“Explaining gender and sex with an interesting twist, Happily After Ever is a pleasant way to begin a conversation about a hotbutton issue.”

Devon Burton, OffOffOnline

“I can't recall laughing so hard in a theater in a long while...The artistic choices of the playwright, the director and the five actors all mesh together quite well.”

Matthew Waterman, The Herald-Times 


“Some of the strongest pieces included the whimsically relevant ‘The Kiss’ by Laura Rose Zlatos”

Michael Block, Theater in the Now

“Well worth the quick ferry across the bay…a rapturous piece by Laura Zlatos”

Sarah Matusek, New York Theatre Review


“The text—a collaboration between director Peter Petkovsek and playwrights Tingying Ma, Jocelyn Shratter, and Laura Zlatos—is gorgeous and layered…Part fairytale, part social commentary, and part absurdity, The Weird Tree bravely and refreshingly aims toward something bigger than itself. If you believe, as I do, that theater should push the boundaries of reality, devise wild ambitious experiments, and reflect the unknowable depths of the human spirit, then The Weird Tree will not disappoint.”

Anne Cecelia Haney, Theatre is Easy, A Theasy Best Bet: Best of FringeNYC 2015

“Lyrically beautiful”

Josephine Cashman, NY Theater Now

“A devised oddity that keeps you engaged with curiosity”

Michael Block, Theater in the Now


“Director Sharone Halevy keeps the threads of the story smoothly winding from one to the next; they are by turns charming and funny, dark and confessional, and a few begin to hint at some serious pain just below the surface…Audiences will find someone to connect to on the stage, making Three Hours a worthwhile foray.”

Suzanne Karpinski, NY Theater Now


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